Rickenbacker 370 12 string

Rickenbacker 370 12 String Review
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Comparing to other guitars in its range this is an absolute must have! 370 12 String is a perfect choice for musicians seeking a guitar in this price range. If you give it a shot, you won’t be sorry and surely you’ll fall in love with this Rickenbacker’s beauty in no time.

Feature-wise this guitar is perfect! There is no need to add or remove anything, and that is quite an achievement by Rickenbacker, considering that it’s quite hard to please every musician’s desire, in order to grade an instrument such as 370 12 String with such a high score when it comes to guitar features. That means that Rickenbacker has constructed more or less a guitar with perfect features, so if you decide to buy 370 12 String you will be more than happy with it.
This beauty has virtually no flaws. Rickenbacker surpassed their traditional level of quality and produced an instrument that is built great, and built to last. The finish is amazing and the hardware easily adjustable to fit any kind of action. The neck is superb and smooth while playing. 370 12 String stays in tune 99% of the time and responds well to various playing styles.

370 12 String is a reliable guitar that will go to hell and back with you, and would want to do it again. It’s a magnificent instrument that is reliable on stage as it is in studio. It will stand the beating and still would not lose its charm and ability to perform. Rickenbacker did make the instrument that should be considered the most reliable in its class!
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